Facts about Space and UFO sightings

Facts about Space and UFO sightings


UFO sightings regarding outer space are said to be sightings of undisclosed flying objects that the astronauts reported that they couldn’t give details of how they came into being at that point in time. These sightings were asserted as proof for space invader visits by the ufologists, even as prosaic clarifications have ever since been discovered for nearly all of them.


There are quite a number of occurrences where sightings involved NASA or astronauts. These incidents are:

The Gemini 4 Mission

Pilot Jim McDivitt sighted an object he described as a white cylindrical silhouette having a white pole coming out from one angle of it during the Gemini 4 mission. This man snapped two different photos of this object and he claims that it was unknown but manmade piece of debris, while James Obergg disputed that it was most possibly the second stage of Titan 11 craft.

Gemini 7 Mission

Bogey that the ufologists claimed to be a reference the UFO was mentioned by the astronauts in a transcription of Gemini 7 mission. Based on his trajectory psychoanalysis of the mission, Oberg describes the comments of the astronauts’ regarding a bogey as making reference to booster-related debris and not referring to a number of UFO.

However, Frank Borman who was the astronaut that made the comments substantiated later that what he saw was not a UFO. He stressed further that when he wanted to go on television show for further clarification, he was told by the producer that he wasn’t certain if they really want him on the program.

News spread in the UFO community that Neil Armstrong was claimed to have observed numerous UFOs during Apollo 11. The fact that sightings ought to have been associated with jettisoned components was the explanation given for this development. Further stories were attributed to a hoax stretch by Otto Binder, the science fiction writer.

International Space Station

Astronaut Leroy Chiao said that he saw lights in a formation he explained to be in line and more or less like an upturned check mark in the course of a 2005 spacewalk outside the International Space Station. The event was sponsored as a potential UFO sighting in the Are We Alone television series. Chiao later acknowledged the lights as being from fishing boats, which are miles beneath.