3 Fascinating Universe Facts That Will Make You Smarter

3 Fascinating Universe Facts That Will Make You Smarter


It is an easy feat to pick up a newspaper and scan it for current events, thus increasing your level of knowledge about any one of many topics. However, a topic that often is not included in our daily news is the Universe. Gaining knowledge about the Universe often takes a but more research and time that, honest, we just don’t have these days.

Lucky for you, we have put together some amazing facts here that are not everyday, common knowledge and will certainly make you a conversation starter at your next get together. Take a look at these and see if there are any you already knew.

  1. Black holes are the equivalent of a vacuum in space. The gravitational pull of a black hole is so fierce that it swallows everything nearby, including light. Many theories abound about the makeup of a black hole, but as of yet, there is no scientific proof that any of these theories are true. There are also many theories about what lies on the other side of the black hole, or where things go when one swallows them. Some say there is a different universe on the other side, with varying laws of matter, dimension and even laws of physics.
  2. The number of stars in our universe is so vast, it is hard for the human mind to take it in. Roughly estimated at 10 billion trillion, which is a number that can also be counted as ten to the 22nd power, we can agree that there are more than we can fathom. With more stars being born on a daily basis, yes, even as you are reading these words, we have to wonder if the rate of star death is as quick, and what the actual total might now be.
  3. There is nothing heavier in the entire universe than a neutron star. A neutron star is the end result of a supernova. Supernova is just another term for the death and implosion of a star. At this point, science has concluded that it is the heaviest object of which we have human knowledge. To give you a rough idea as to the weight of these cosmic monsters, imagine, if you will, a tiny sugar cube. If this sugar cube were a neutron star, it would weigh roughly 100 million tons. To give you an idea of that much weight, consider that a large SUV weighs about two tons.

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