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NASA to Aid Colonization of Mars by Humans


Mars has long been thought to be a future home of humans, as has been seen in science fiction movies for many years. In fact, the thought of life on Mars is where the term “Martians” came from. While the

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What is the Atmospheric Haze?


    It refers to a meteorological condition which results from condensates or aerosols interacting with sunlight and gases. The formation of smog on the Earth’s atmosphere as a result of pollutant articles combining with the sunlight is an example

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NASA Seeks Help from Public to Name the 7 New Planets


Following the recent discovery of 7 exoplanets by NASA, the organization recently asked people on social media to come up with suggestions to name the seven Earth sized planets. What happened next was not difficult to anticipate. People came up

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How does the Sky look so dark if there are so many Galaxies?


So, when there are so many galaxies and so many stars, how does the sky look so dark? The star light emitted from the galaxies is actually invisible to the naked eye of humans and most modern telescopes. (1 raters,

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Hubble Discovers 10 Times more Galaxies in Universe


After the recent findings by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and other advanced observatories, the universe has suddenly started to look more crowded than ever before. The astronomers at NASA have come to a conclusion that there might be ten times

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What are the Exoplanets and How does NASA detect them?


Exoplanet is a term used to describe any planet that is found beyond our own solar system. The first ever exoplanet was found in 1995 and in the last few years, the number has increased significantly. According to a recent

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